Compassionate 3rd-Grader Opens Food Pantry To Celebrate His 8th Birthday.

Eagle Jayagoda and his family have always found ways to help their community, so when the novel coronavirus pandemic hit and left many people without food, the third-grader immediately started thinking about how he could help.

Inspired by the tiny libraries popping up around California, he came up with the “Little Free Food Table,” where his neighbors could leave food for others to grab for free!

Achala Jayagoda/GMA

Not only did Eagle set up the table himself, but he also did most of the work! He created colorful signs that said, “Take what you need.” Then, he sat outside to manage the small collection, offering help to anyone who might need it.

In order to stock the table, Eagle began recycling bottles and using his earnings to buy as much food as he could. Not to mention, his community stepped up by regularly donating dry goods.

Even when some COVID-19 restrictions began to lift, Eagle wasn’t ready to take away his community food table; in fact, he wanted to expand it! When his 8th birthday rolled around, all he asked was to convert his wonderful act of kindness into a food pantry so everyone could access it 24 hours a day!

Who could refuse such a sweet birthday wish? His parents helped him turn his dream into a reality, and they soon opened the pantry for business.

“As parents, we really think it’s a great way to teach him about empathy and sharing things, even though we don’t have much,” his mom Achala said. “We [hope] he will become even more generous in the future.”

This is one incredible little boy! Thank you, Eagle, for going above and beyond to support your neighbors!

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