Mom Shares Beautiful Way Kindergartner Loves And Accepts Her Son With Autism.

More than anything, parents want their kids to be included and accepted.

Especially when their child has special needs, it’s crucial to feel love and support from those around us. A mom named Kate recently shared a story about a little girl who befriended her son, and it’s touching hearts around the world!

Kate is a mom to three children who all have special needs. Her oldest son Nicholas is 5 years old and is on the autism spectrum. In a blog post, Kate shared a powerful story about a girl in Nicholas’ kindergarten class, whom she calls “E.”

“You may think this is a typical friendship story,” Kate wrote on This Special Journey. “A cute little love story. You may think you’ve already heard this story before. But this is different. This is a story of inclusion, acceptance, and kindness.”

She went on to explain that her son is in special education classes for most of his school day, but he does join his peers for Morning Circle and recess. When E and Nicholas first met, E took a strong liking to him right away! She loves to hold his hand and sit next to him, but it’s the way she treats him like any other kid that warms Kate’s heart.

The most beautiful thing about their friendship is how she talks to him. She talks to him even though he can’t talk back. She understands he doesn’t talk, but she does it anyway.

This is inclusion. E hangs out with Nicholas despite him having a disability. She wants to be friends with him even though he is different from her.

This is acceptance. E understands Nicholas can’t communicate as she can. She accepts him anyway. She knows he thinks and processes things a little slower than other kids. She still gravitates toward him.

Moved, Kate reached out to E’s mother to tell her how thankful she is for the kindness and attention the little girl shows Nicholas. That’s when she learned that E loves talking about Nicholas at home. What’s more, she’s naturally a helpful child who tends to mother people — but not because she pities them.

As a mother to a child with special needs, it melts my heart to see somebody accept my son for who he is. I love that Nicholas has such a genuine friendship with this little girl.

Kate concluded her post by thanking E and her parents for their acceptance, leaving us with these poignant words of wisdom:

She doesn’t try to change him. She likes him just the way he is. A true friendship is when someone knows everything about you but likes you anyway. That’s exactly how E is.

We couldn’t have said it better! Be sure to share Kate’s story to spread the kindness even further.

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