After Man Is Swept Out To Sea, Beachgoers Form Human Chain To Save His Life.

While enjoying a day at the beach in Dorset, England, a man was pulled out to sea by the waves and couldn’t get back to shore.

Thankfully, a group of courageous strangers spotted him not long after. When it became clear he was in trouble, they jumped into action and figured out an incredible way to save his life!

Jennie Bell was at the beach when it happened and later explained that this wasn’t the first time the choppy water and overpowering waves had surprised someone that day. Another swimmer had struggled to get back to safety but managed to make it “with some effort.”

However, the next man wasn’t so lucky. Emily Foote, a fellow beachgoer, added, “It became apparent that actually he was in trouble — he started waving his arms [but] he wasn’t panicking.”

That’s when about 20 people rushed over and attempted to help by encouraging him to ride the waves in. While that did get him a little closer, he still couldn’t push through to the beach. So the group formed a human chain to give him the support he desperately needed!

Human Chain

Eventually, he was able to ride another wave in, just far enough for the person at the end of the chain to grab him. Working as a team, the line managed to drag the weary man out of the water and onto the sand!

According to an update from the Lulworth Coastguard Rescue Team (which didn’t take part in the rescue), everyone “was able to walk away” unharmed!

“With the large waves and spring tides of late, we strongly discourage sea swimming and playing around in the surf, especially on exposed beaches such as Durdle Door,” the team added. “The undertow is very powerful and will have no trouble taking you off your feet.”

We’re so glad this man made it out of the dangerous situation. It was all thanks to a brave group of strangers who teamed up to save a life!

Watch the daring rescue in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story with your friends.

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