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Humble Dunkin’ Donuts Worker Becomes Hero When Man Has Heart Attack Outside Shop.

In an emergency, would you be ready to jump into action? Or would you freeze? It’s hard to know until you’re in that situation, but last month, April Merchant found out.

The 24-year-old Dunkin’ Donuts employee from Manchester, New Hampshire, was in the middle of a shift when she learned how valuable her college CPR class really was.

april the hero

On Feb. 13, truck driver David Wood was outside at a Candia rest stop where April worked when he suffered a heart attack. Surveillance cameras captured the harrowing moment the 29-year-old collapsed onto the snowy ground. David lay there for eight minutes before another truck driver found him and called 911.

david collapses from heart attack

April wasted no time when a drive-thru customer told Dunkin’ employees what happened. In college, she’d been required to take CPR training, so she ran outside and immediately used her knowledge to save David’s life.

april runs to david

Doctors later said that if she hadn’t performed CPR, David, a father of three, likely wouldn’t have survived. They added that the cold snow helped prevent a brain injury as well. April stayed strong until finally, she heard someone yell that David had a pulse. That’s when she broke down and cried, shaken by the terrifying sequence of events.

“I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t take a CPR class,” April said.

april performs cpr

David was taken to a hospital but is expected to be released soon thanks to the woman who reacted so bravely. Despite her lifesaving efforts, April insists she’s not a hero. But others, including David’s mother Felicia Bertram, disagree. “Even the doctors said, if she had not done that, he would not be with us,” Felicia said.

david in the hospital

Others who heard the story chimed in with their praise. One person wrote, “Right person, in the right place, at just the right time! Saved a life, you’ll always be considered a hero!”

“Amazing! Of course you’re a hero by any definition of the word,” another added.

April may not think much of how she handled that situation, but to David, she’s a guardian angel. Learn more about how April brought David back to life in the video below, and share!

9 Loves: Dunkin' worker performs CPR on man who collapses at rest stop

9❤️: A Dunkin' employee helped save a man's life last week when she performed CPR on him after he collapsed at a Candia rest stop.Doctors also said the snow helped prevent a brain injury. Watch Siobhan Lopez WMUR's full story here:

Posted by WMUR-TV on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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