Men Look Closer At Dog Struggling In Ditch, See Duct Tape Crushing Mouth & Paws.

On the morning of May 22, Carlos Carrillo and a co-worker were driving along a road en route to a job in Robstown, Texas, when something unusual caught their eye.


They reversed to get a better look and were horrified at what they saw: A dog — his body hogtied with tubing and muzzle and legs bound with duct tape — was struggling to get out of a ditch. Whatever cruel person left the helpless dog there, obviously intended for him to suffer a miserable death.


They immediately jumped out of the truck and freed the dog, who, despite his ordeal, was “very loving”and “liked the attention.â€


They took the dog to a nearby a no-kill animal shelter, Pee-Wee’s Pet Adoption, where he began treatment for heartworms but otherwise appeared to be in good health.


Carrillo posted the pup’s ordeal and images on his Facebook page, which spread locally and prompted an employee at PeeWee’s to post an update:

“Hi! I don’t know you personally, but I’m a vet tech at Peewee’s and we’ve fallen in love with this sweet boy. We (and he) can’t thank you enough for rescuing him!!! He’s doing amazing and he has the cutest personality,”her comment read.


Meanwhile, Carrillo and his wife are considering adopting the lucky pooch. “We’d like to give (him) a good home. He deserves it.â€

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