Harvard Graduate’s Speech Goes Viral. You Can’t Not Be Encouraged By His Powerful Words.

Donovan Livingston of Harvard University’s Class of 2016 recently blew the roof off with his powerful spoken word tribute speech.  He received his Master’s in Education and was selected as one of the student speakers at graduation where he delivered a poetic powerhouse that was nothing short of beautiful.  It is quickly spreading around the web and generating buzz among millions of people.


In fact, Harvard called it “one of the most powerful, heartfelt student speeches you will ever hear!”  Livingston blends humility, hardship, doubt, and trials into an ballad message of hope, equality, and potential.  The illusions to astronomy and outer space are sublime.

His best lines stir something deep not only in the graduates he addressed, but in all of us: “None of us were meant to be common… we were born to be comets darting across space and time leaving our mark as we crash into everything.  A crater is a reminder that something amazing happened right here, an indelible impact that shook up the world.  Are we not astronomers searching for the next shooting star?”

Amen to that.

And as he ends:

“I belong among the stars… and so do you… and so do they.  Together, together, we can inspire galaxies of greatness for generations to come. So no, sky is not the limit, it is only the beginning. So lift off!”

Lift off!  Lift off.

Share Livingston’s poignant words today and help inspire greatness!


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