Cat Falls Into Well And Can’t Find Her Way Out — Until Observant Dog Overhears Her.

They say dogs and cats don’t get along, but one heroic pooch in Northamptonshire, England, begs to differ.

On April 24, sisters Keira and Freya Hill realized their 1-year-old black cat named Flea had gone missing. They describe the feline as “over-friendly,” so they assumed she was out visiting neighbors.

In reality, Flea had wandered across Main Street in Loddington and fallen into a 20-foot well. Unable to get out, the frightened feline was stranded there for 10 agonizing days before an unlikely savior arrived on the scene. A neighbor’s dog heard the cat’s desperate cries and alerted his owners!

Once Flea was located, it became clear that the sisters would need help getting her out of her predicament. They called Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service to come save the day for the trapped kitty.

“Fire crew used cutting equipment to remove the grating at the top of the well and lowered a ladder to the bottom enabling a crew member to descend,” the rescue team wrote on Facebook. “The well was under approximately 1 foot of water, but the cat had managed to climb onto a small ledge.”

Flea’s rescuers managed to lure her off the ledge using cat food. The fire crew was then able to carry her up the ladder and hand her off to her grateful family members.

After a few hours of “sitting by the radiator” and making up for plenty of missed meals, she has fully recovered. Like any typical cat, she is now acting like “nothing happened.”

“She’s definitely trying to use up one of her nine lives,” Freya said. “I’m so grateful and thankful to the firefighters who all carried out such a brilliant and amazing job.”

How about the brave firefighter who climbed down into a narrow well without hesitation? We feel claustrophobic just thinking about it! Thank goodness heroes like this are braver than most!

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