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Farm Dog & Goat Can’t Stop Snuggling & The Internet Is Melting Over Adorable Pics.

We’ve seen our fair share of adorable animals on the internet, but these two inter-species best friends take the cake.

Drake is an 11-year-old former city dog who now lives with his family at Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary in southern Ontario, Canada. Drake has always been a good boy (obviously), but now that he lives at the non-profit farm surrounded by other animals he has become the best babysitter anyone could ever ask for.


Sanctuary co-founder Megan Mostacci says that the duck tolling retriever is the perfect companion to their large furry family.

“His favorite part is clearly nap time with everyone – but he is always there for them,” she wrote on Instagram. “The babies would seek him out for cuddles and kisses – he never let them down.”


When Megan brought home Arnold, a disabled goat who was born with crooked legs, Drake instantly fell madly in love with the little guy. Arnold, whose legs were so badly deformed that no one else wanted to give him a home, returned Drake’s affection with a ferocity that surprised everyone at the farm.


“Arnold was completely obsessed with Drake – and Drake loved that he was one of the calmest babies we had,” Megan stated. Arnold’s legs prevent him from frolicking in the field with his goat buddies, so instead he spends most of his time snuggling with his canine best friend on the sofa.


Honestly, it’s the cutest thing we’ve seen. Go home, other animals of the internet — these two win the prize for cutest animal best friends ever!

“These two slobs spent more time cuddling on the couch than I’ve ever seen,” Meghan described under a short video of Drake and Arnold fast asleep in a tangled ball of fluff and limbs.


Black Goat Farm is certainly fulfilling their mission “to provide farm animals with a safe haven to live out their days,” and Drake is a big part of that effort. With a sweet big brother like Drake around to snuggle with, these animals are blessed with the love and affection all creatures truly deserve.

Watch Meghan’s short clip of Drake and Arnold zonked out on the couch in the video below, and be sure to share with an animal lover who could use a big dose of cuteness in their day!

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