Man Held At Gunpoint Offers The Invaders A Free College Education

doctor offers college education to home invaders

What’s your normal routine when you walk into your home after a long day? It probably is some iteration of throwing the keys on the counter, grabbing a bite to eat, and getting into those elastic-waisted sweatpants you’ve had for five years. Well, Dr. Victor Ho wasn’t able to kick up his feet and watch Jeopardy on the day that he walked in to find two men rummaging through his entire home and belongings… when he entered his home in the middle of being robbed.


Immediately after the perpetrators saw Victor standing in the doorway, they pulling out a gun and aimed it at him with full willingness to carry out their threats. They them forced him to unlock his safe full of money, jewelry, and other expensive belongings… then they left as if nothing had ever happened.

Anyone would come out of this situation in shock.

However, while he was being held at gun point, Victor could tell that one the men involved was actually nervous, and seemingly reluctant to be a part of the happening. After he had more time to process what all had transpired, these observations led him to thinking about the cycle of poverty and crime, which so many people fall into. These people are (commonly) inclined to into those cycles when they feel like they have no options, skills, self-confidence, support or education.

From this realization, Victor decided to try to break the cycle himself, to address these patterns and take intentional steps toward changing them. The way he’s able to do so is by offering a free college education to the burglars if they come forward. Umm.. what? Victor stated “This is pointing at society and trying to say, ‘Listen, we need to get this element out.’ and what’s the best way? Education.” Though his level of forgiveness and empathy is so rare (and hard to achieve), his attitude reminds us that trying to understand other people’s circumstances different than our own is so important.

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