No One Understood Why She Kept Her “Ugly” Blemish. 22 Years Later, She’s Telling Us Why.

We’ve all heard the idea that being an individual and different is a good thing. However, if you are someone of that nature, it’s not always easy to embrace that particular “spunk.” For Cassandra Naud, embracing her abnormality has been pretty hard… what makes Cassandra stand out is not really something she can hide.


The 22-year-old professional dancer was born with a mole covered in hair resting on the left side of her face from her eye to the bottom of her cheek. Because of this, Cassandra grew up being bullied and ridiculed for her unusual birthmark.

When she was younger, she begged her parents to let her get the mole removed, but they refused. They wanted their daughter to be proud of who she was and not hide it.

Now, as a young adult, Cassandra truly has applied her parents attitude to her life. She’s proud of her facial mark and actually has used it as a way to differentiate herself from the crowd while dancing, which benefits her in her professional career.

Many people have asked her why she doesn’t simply get the mole removed and it’s easy for her to answer: she loves who she is and she wouldn’t change a thing about the way she looks. What an inspiration!

Here’s our takeaway:Be proud of who you are & who you represent. You are unique, there is no other exactly like you.”

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