Disabled Girl Didn’t Fit In Anywhere, So Her Dad Decided To Take Matters Into His Own Hands.


Patrick Donohue had a law degree, a M.B.A.and was running a successful political consulting firm. He had plans for a bright future for his family, until his daughter, Sarah Jane Donohue, was violently shaken by her baby nurse when she was 5 days old. The violent shake resulted in two broken collarbones, four broken ribs, and a brain injury with loss of over 60% of her rear cortex.


When Patrick was unable to find a school in New York City for children with brain injuries, he gave up his career in order to create and establish his own school for his daughter. Thus, the Sarah Jane Brain Foundation was born as well as The International Academy of HOPE (iHOPE) in hopes if changing the world for his daughter and millions of other children and young adults suffering from brain injuries


Here’s our takeaway: When your loved ones need help, take every step you can to help them, even if that means creating your own way to do so.

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