Desperate Pit Bull Was Stuck In A Trash Heap. But 2 Days Later, Something Incredible Happened.

When Hope For Paws received and urgent call from Waste Management, they had no idea what situation they were walking into.

A pit bull had been trapped within an enormous trash mound, and was unable to get out. When they found him, he was practically holed up in a “nook” in the trash and was extremely afraid.

The pit bull was so afraid, it made it hard for anyone to get to him.  This wasn’t going to stop Waste Management and Hope for Paws from rescuing him, so they had to get creative.

After 2 days and multiple attempts of rescuing the dog, something amazing happened and they were able to save the poor pup. Thank goodness for the people at Hope For Paws and their dedication to the rescuing of animals!

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