Abandoned Toy Horse Becomes Celebrity As Villagers Share Hilarious Adventures.

When a man in Hethersett, a small village in Norfolk, England, set out an old toy horse for the garbage collectors to cart away, he had no idea he was about to inspire a fun new trend in town.

The horse was worn and old, but it still caught the attention of some local kids who took the horse into a field and gave him one last day of play.

Abandoned once more, the horse soon caught the attention of a woman who posted its picture on Facebook in hopes of finding its rightful owner. Her neigh-bors were quick to make horse-related jokes and puns, sparking a group activity that had everyone laughing.

“The next thing we knew, he got put outside someone’s door, and she took him in and named him Derek Trotter,” said local Kim Rout. The name refers to a TV sitcom from the 1980s called “Only Fools and Horses.”

Derek Trotter started traveling around the tiny village, showing up with notes and props in every home and shop imaginable. Resident Kim Rout thought the town-wide prank was so funny that she created a Facebook group called “Derek Trotter the Globetrotting Pony,” a place where residents can share their photos of Derek as he made his way around their community. The group already has almost a thousand fans, and Derek’s fame keeps on growing!

After a few days of helping Derek fulfill his dream of traveling, a smaller stuffed horse mysteriously appeared to keep Derek company. Now Rodney is his constant companion!

The stuffed horses are lifting everyone’s spirits just when they need it most. “It feels like it’s come at just the right time, what with everyone having been in lockdown,” Kim explained. “It’s really brightened up the village. People have told me that they sit and wait for posts on the Facebook page, to see where the boys have been and what they’ve been up to.”

Derek and Rodney have even expanded their pastures to include day trips to nearby towns. They were also inducted into the local Brownies troupe and are a big hit with the girls!

“Derek and Rodney joined in with the meetings and even got given a Brownies uniform – although we don’t usually allow boys in!” Kim laughed.


Anything that brings neighbors together for some harmless fun is a-ok in our book! This is such a cute way to find common ground with other community members. Who doesn’t love a running joke with ample opportunity for horse puns?

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