School Deputy Plans Surprise Birthday Party For Disabled Girl Before Her Surgery.

Earlier this year, Brittny and Zachary Moriarty packed up their family and moved from Indiana to Florida in order to be nearby a specialized medical center for their daughter Ady. And in only six months, they’ve made connections with so many within the community.

In fact, Ady met Deputy Rhyss Heeter on her first day of school and they instantly developed a bond.


Ady was born with a rare bone disorder that impacts her joints and limits her ability to walk and enjoy childhood the way other kids do. Over the next three to four years, the sweet girl will undergo several major surgeries on her back, legs, and more.

However, it’s not her disability that people notice first when they meet Ady, it’s her personality. Her mom, Brittny, says she’s “strong” and has “determination” and that she’s impressed with how quickly Ady made friends in a new place. Deputy Heeter echoed Brittny’s thoughts saying that when he met Ady on the first day of school she “immediately picked up on her attitude toward life and [she] knew it was amazing.”


So, when Deputy Heeter discovered that Ady would be having a major surgery right before her seventh birthday, he decided to step in and make sure that her birthday was the best one she’s had yet.

Knowing that Ady’s seventh birthday was coming up, Deputy Heeter decided to rally her Sherrif Deputy and Martin County Fire Rescue friends to plan an epic surprise early birthday for her. According to the Sheriff’s office, the party was complete with “a parade of lights, sirens, smiles, pizza and of course cake”.


Ady and her family were completely overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion at the event. Just by looking at photos, it’s apparent that Ady had a wonderful time and that her mind was definitely not focused on her upcoming surgeries.

Members of the community were quick to applaud the Sheriff’s Department and First Responders for their kindness. One person said, “Martin County residents are so lucky to have all of you and doing such wonderful things for our community”. Among the comments were also lots of birthday wishes and prayers for Ady.


Ady is a perfect example of how a positive attitude and zest for life will impact the people around you. In only a few months, she has rallied an entire community around her.

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