Cop Sees Walmart Employee Walking In Scorching Heat And Returns With Special Gift.

Chances are, we've all got a few useful items lying around our homes that someone else needs.

Dennis Rowe is a police officer in Hapeville, Georgia. He was working an off-duty job recently when he noticed a man walking home from work on a scorching summer day.

The man is Craig Magby, a Walmart employee who until recently used his new bicycle to get to and from work. He always locked his bike up at Walmart, but one day he came out after his shift to find both the bike and the lock gone.

"I came out the store, had my groceries in hand was expecting to go home on my bike. I got to the area where I had parked and locked my bike and my bike was gone," Craig told Fox5 Atlanta.

Officer Rowe says Craig was "kind of hot and sweaty," and he knew how difficult it must be to endure the Georgia heat before and after working a full day. As they talked, he started thinking about the brand new bike he'd bought himself for a camping trip just months before. The bike was now sitting in his driveway barely used, and he had no plans to take a biking trip anytime soon.

"When he told me his bike was taken from him I didn't say anything to him, but I immediately knew I was going to bring that bike to him, and give it to him in hopes he could use it," said Officer Rowe.

The following Monday, Officer Rowe turned up at Craig's work and gifted him the bike. The present turned out to be the answer to Craig's prayers!

"I had talked to God about it," he said. "He was like consider it done and he sent Officer Rowe my way. I'm grateful, thankful."

Officer Rowe says the pleasure was all his. The fact that he had something he didn't even use that could positively impact someone's life really resonated with him.

"When I saw something that I had that I wasn't using, and there was somebody that desperately could use it every day, I knew that I had to make that happen for him," he said, adding, "It was just part of the way I was raised, the way I was brought up, to give back and to give where I can."

Way to go, officer! Why let our belongings go unused when someone else could really use them? Their life might even be changed for the better because of that gift. What a wonderful lesson for us all.

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