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“Definitely A Scary Moment.” Officers Save Baby With RSV Who Stopped Breathing.

screenshot of the moment when baby kamiyah was being saved by police officers after she stopped breathing.

Respiratory syncytial virus, better known as RSV, is a respiratory illness surging in the United States among young children.

Recently, two police officers saw the impact up close when a 1-month-old baby stopped breathing.

Kansas City police officers Richard DuChaine and Charles Owen responded to a call about a baby in distress at the home of Tajanea Allen. Her daughter, Ka’Miyah, had stopped breathing.

“The baby was so small,” Officer Owen told TODAY. “She looked like a doll.”

Officer DuChaine says witnessing this was “definitely a scary moment.”

Officer Owen performed infant chest compressions and back thrusts for more than 30 seconds while Ka’Miyah was unresponsive. And then the miracle happened — she started to breathe again!

“She’s breathing now,” one of the officers said on the body camera footage. “She is breathing.”

Please note that the following footage of the incident may be distressing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Baby Ka’Miyah was taken to a local hospital after her breathing was reestablished. She was in the hospital for about a week recovering from RSV. And of course, both her heroes did not hesitate to visit this little warrior.

“You hear about RSV, but when you actually see it in person, it’s very scary,” said Officer Owen.

While the video of the officers can be distressing, it is also a reminder of the times we are living in and the importance of trying to stay well.

“The last two years people haven’t been affected, especially children, by RSV,” said Dr. John Torres, NBC News senior medical correspondent. “And so now instead of the normal pool of children that could be susceptible to it, that pool is essentially doubled.”

This was definitely a scary situation to experience, but we are so glad baby Ka’Miyah is okay — thanks to these heroes!

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