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becca be both

Dear Moms, I Promise — You Can Be Both.

You can be both.

A hot mess disaster and a hostess with the mostest. Professional and ridiculous. Chill and motivated. A sugar fiend and health-conscious. A mom and a wife.

An employee and an entrepreneur.

A novice and an expert.

A homebody and the life of the party.

You and well, YOU.

We are all multidimensional and have at least one foot hanging out of the box society draws around us. Or that we draw around ourselves. Often we are in fact hopping from box to box — or balancing on two at the same time.

So none of us are simply one thing. We can be one thing, and then another thing, and we can be both. How beautiful is that?

That we can settle into multiple roles and embrace different sides of ourselves.

Lyndsay Hannah Photography

That we can swivel between different parts of our identity to focus our energy on what requires it most in the moment.

That our personalities are totally complex, and probably super weird. Each in our own way.

I don’t want to be one thing. I also don’t want to be all the things. But at any given time I am both. You are too. And wow… I’m so grateful for that.