Little Girl Asks Google To Give Dad The Day Off — Boss’s Response Doesn’t Disappoint.

When it comes to raising children, often realize that time is far more valuable than money ever could be.


A little girl named Katie, who is clearly wise beyond her years, understands more than most how important it is to replenish your soul with a little rest and relaxation with your family whenever you can. Katie’s dad works at Google, and according to Katie he only gets one day off every week to spend with her. That’s not nearly enough time to celebrate his birthday, which is coming up soon!

Katie thought her daddy worked far too hard and should be able to take a few more days off to spend with her, so she decided to do something about it. The little girl took out her crayons and paper and wrote a very polite business letter to her dad’s boss.


She simply asked for one day off, a Wednesday, so she and her dad could celebrate his birthday together. She ended the note with the perfect reminder for all of us adults who spend too much time at the office: “It is summer, you know.”


Dear Google Worker,

Can you please make sure when daddy goes to work, he gets one day off. Like he can get a day off on Wednesday. Because daddy only gets a day off on Saturday.

From, Katie

P.S. It is Daddy’s BIRTHDAY

P.P.S. It is summer, you know

Senior Design Manager Daniel Shiplacoff, her dad’s manager at Google, received the note and couldn’t help but smile at the little girl’s tenacity and spunk. How could he say no to a request this sweet and innocent?

Daniel decided to go above and beyond to honor Katie’s request. He drafted a response letter of his own, telling Katie, “On the occasion of his Birthday, and recognizing the importance of taking some Wednesdays off during the summer, we are giving him the whole first week of July as vacation time.”


Well done, Katie! Instead of an extra day, you just got your dad an extra week off of work! Could you write a letter to our bosses, too?


This innocent child’s earnest note is a great reminder that life is short, so be sure to spend time with the people you love as much as possible!

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