Deaf Husband Finding Out His Wife Is Pregnant Is The Sweetest Thing Ever!

There are many steps in a relationship that bring two together: committing to each other, getting married, getting a house… to name a few. But an even bigger step is when you find out your family will be expanding.


When Brittany Welch found out that she was finally pregnant, she knew that she wanted to share the news with her husband in a special way. But it had to be very visual because David is deaf.

So with a bag, a candy bar, a drink and two pregnancy tests, Brittany set the stage to give her husband one of the best announcements of their lives.

It’s almost more moving how David is silent throughout the entire opening process, as we sit anxiously waiting for him to figure out what the real surprise is.

But strangely, when he finally gets the message, his vocal response is even more captivating.

Watch David find out that he’s going to be a dad, and you’ll surely feel the emotions behind his every sign.

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