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California Diner’s Empathy Reveals Itself When Waiter Looks At Bottom Of Bill.

It’s easy to empathize with someone when you’ve walked a mile in their shoes, but Steffen Berr went a step further and put that empathy to action.

Last month, he and his brother had dinner at the House of Oliver wine bar in Roseville, California, and were seated out on the patio. There was just one waiter for that area, Sacramento resident David Fabila (pictured below, right), and he was exhausted after having already pulled a shift at his other job.

david fabila steffen berr

David did everything he could to ensure the two brothers enjoyed their meal, and he had no idea how much they appreciated his efforts until he stopped by their table to pick up the bill.

Steffen had left a $20 cash tip, but the real shocker came when he looked down at the bill and saw he’d left another tip — $191.35, the same amount as the meal itself — on his credit card!

tip the bill

“I’m in a position where I have the resources and luck to do this, so why not just go for it?” Steffen, a student at Sacramento State, later explained. “I’m really glad I did it. He really needed that money more than I did.”

steffen berr

David couldn’t let this incredible act of generosity go unacknowledged, so later that night, he posted about it to inspire others to perform their own acts of kindness, no matter how great or small. Steffen’s act is even more stunning in light of the fact that he knew nothing about David, or that he already has three young children and a fourth on the way, until after David tracked him down in the parking lot!

david fabila and kids

I told him I can go on for hours telling him how much I needed this and appreciate it. He then went on to say “hey man i used to serve and saw how crazy busy you were outside by yourself and know what it’s like.” So I gave him another hug and said god bless you. This kid has to be like 25.

And it’s just a coincidence that this incident happened right around the time a new internet challenge started making the rounds, #tipthebillchallenge, which asks diners to tip the full amount of their bill.

steffen fb comment

This story would have legs even if it were part of a viral challenge, but the fact that Steffen did it on his own initiative makes it even more meaningful.

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