Darci Lynne & Puppet Tease Pentatonix During Hilariously Entertaining Christmas Performance.

It was just months ago when Darci Lynne Farmer captured America’s hearts by winning America’s Got Talent with her unparalleled ventriloquist skills. With the help of her ‘friend’ Petunia, the 13-year-old Oklahoma City native has been stunning audiences non-stop since she first set foot on the national stage.

Not only is Darci an incredible talent who can make ventriloquism look easy through conversation, but she is a terrific singer through her acts as well — which is why Pentatonix invited Darci and Petunia to join their Christmas special this year.

The pair come on stage, Darci admitting she’s a big fan of the A capella group, Petunia admitting she’s never heard of them.

After some laughs Darci puts on a show, allowing Petunia to sing seemingly the only Christmas song she knows, “O’ Easter Egg.” Although Petunia is ‘singing,’ Darci’s mouth doesn’t budge.

It’s a short, sweet segment that aired during “A Very Pentatonix Christmas.” But it’s also a reminder that Darci has a very long, bright future ahead of her as an entertainer.

Here’s Darci and Petunia adding their own special flare to the Christmas special below.

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