Grandma Is Annoyed When Rain Ruins Plans Until Granddaughter Gives Sweetest Reminder.

mud puddle

Often it can be difficult to switch gears and “go with the flow.”

As adults, we get so stuck in our mindset of making plans and following through with them that adjusting to the changes life inevitably throws at us can feel impossible. One grandmother was recently reminded of how important it is to make the best of every situation by none other than her 4.5-year-old granddaughter.

Dani Moore

“We were visiting family in Oklahoma recently for my Grandma’s burial/ceremony,” Dani Moore told InspireMore. “I had my sidekick in tow. Said sidekick is my granddaughter who is 4.5 years old, going on 45. She educated us on so much about life during the 12-hour trip. Each time we asked ‘How do you know that?’ She would inform us, ‘Because I know everything’ and believe you me she’s not joking.”

Grandma Dani and her sidekick spent 12 hours in the car on the way to Oklahoma, and the entire time she was secretly plotting to surprise the child with a trip to the splash pad at a local park. The little girl had never been to a splash pad before and Dani could just picture her delight as the water fountains splashed down on her smiling face. Grandma rightfully thought that after spending a day traveling and another day at a funeral the child would really need to burn off some steam!

Unfortunately, the weather in Oklahoma had other plans. A huge storm rolled in and drenched the land with rain, leaving behind enormous puddles and eliminating the prospect of hitting the splash pad. Grandma admitted that she was “already a little emotionally blah from the service [the] day before” and said the weather had them all down.

Dani Moore

“But let me share how God turned it around!” She explained. “One of her FAVORITE things is ‘MUDDY PUDDLES’ taken from the cartoon ‘Peppa Pig.’ So when it rained it formed the largest ‘MUDDY PUDDLE’ she had ever seen! It was the perfect individual pond for a 4-year-old!”

Dani Moore

“She begged to stomp in it, jump in it, and finally just had to lay down in it!!! And as she sat in the middle of her ‘Muddy Puddle’ raindrops falling- she began to sing, ‘If you’re HAPPY and you know it CLAP YOUR HANDS’ and this grandma nearly melted into the puddle I was standing in!”

“The best part is that I risked taking my phone out in the rain, and I actually captured her singing and many pics!” Grandma concluded. Just look at that joyful smile! Doesn’t look like she needed a fancy splash pad at all, does it?

Dani Moore

Children sure know how to find the silver lining in just about any circumstances, don’t they? Who needs a fancy splash pad? Sometimes the fun is where you make it, and this little girl is proof positive that a great attitude can turn any negative situation into a positive one. We’re so glad she got to cut loose and have some fun after all, and the fact that she brought joy to her grandma is a wonderful added bonus!

This little girl is having a blast — don’t forget to share to spread her important message about having fun in the simplest way.

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