Dallas Dad Spends 2 Days Drawing Out Unique Easter Story In Sidewalk Chalk.

With Easter approaching, Greg Rogers of Dallas, Texas felt the need to tell one of the most important stories in the Bible.


While he’s not an artist, the business man and father of two spent two days kneeling on the pavement outside his house to create an intricate series of chalk drawings depicting the last week of Jesus Christ’s life.


Greg decided to put chalk to cement when the novel coronavirus forced he and his entire community to shelter-in-place to help slow the spread of infection. Since attending large group gatherings like Easter church services was out of the question, Greg wanted to bring the traditional story home so that he could inspire hope in his neighborhood.


His creation took more than 12 hours to complete, and all who see it are astounded by the detail this novice artist was able to capture in the chalk drawings. Many neighbors came over to admire his handiwork, snapping pictures to share with friends both near and far. “It’s like reading the Bible in pictures,” one neighbor remarked.


“Since they can’t go to church they’re viewing this as their church,” Greg explained. He says this is just his way of uniting people and encouraging the unification of his community. As people come to admire his work, he engages them in conversation and often sits outside strumming his guitar.


Greg’s wife Amanda Rogers shared the drawings on Facebook, where they went viral in the days leading up to Easter Sunday. “In celebration of Easter, our sidewalk is showing the last week of Christ!” she wrote. “In order: The Triumphal Entry, Jesus in the Garden, The Last Supper, Pilate’s Choice of Barabbas and Peter’s Denial of Christ, Golgatha, and the Tomb as Jesus walked out.”


We’re so glad we got to see Greg’s extraordinary message of hope and renewal before the rain washed it away! What a tremendous gift to give the neighbors who are celebrating alongside him.

You can take a virtual walk down Greg’s sidewalk in the video below, and be sure to share.

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