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Son Leaves Dad With Phone App, Returns 1 Week Later To Absolute Masterpiece.

When it comes to music taste, most of us are embarrassed by our parent’s choice of tunes. Whether it’s the songs they play in the car or requests they make at parties… there’s not much than can bridge this particular generational gap. Let’s be honest though, the aversion can go both ways.

Twitter user @barkman uploaded a video to his account on January 2nd, that has since lit the Twitter sphere, and all of the internet for that matter, on fire. The video shows footage of @barkman’s dad sitting on the couch after toying with a production app called GarageBand. For those who don’t know, applications like this one allow the laymen to create beat driven songs of their own… but apparently, @barkman’s dad is a beat wizard.

After one week fiddling around with the newfangled technology, @barkman’s pappa came up with a masterpiece. @barkmuan captioned the video, “My dad’s been using a beatmaker app all week and I came home to this.”

As you can see, @barkmuan’s dad is pretty darn proud of his creation, slinging sidelong glances at his son while a cascade of radio worthy tunes pulsed through the room.

Apparently, several big name rappers have reached out to the musically inclined Dad. Whether in jest or serious intention, no one can deny this guy’s musicality.

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