Dedicated Dad Started An Entire Business For His Autistic Son… And It’s Making A Huge Difference.

At the age of 22, someone on the autism spectrum faces what’s called “falling off the cliff.” The term refers to a state of  unemployment and the nonexistent structure of a school system to help guide them in their life.

One family in Florida, however, is so determined to keep that from happening to their brother and son, they started a business for him and quickly learned that his disability has many positives as well.

The Rising Tide Car Wash in Parkland, Florida, was started in 2013 by John D’Eri and his son, 25-year-old business school graduate, Tom. But he has another family member involved in the family business: his autistic son Andrew D’Eri.

The car wash goes even beyond that as more than 80% of its 43 employees are also diagnosed with autism… and that’s no accident. This business gives a safe place for disabled adults to work hard to sustain themselves financially and with this type of service business, human interaction has definite improvements with social interactions.

This story of love, innovation and care is such an inspiration.

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