Dad Passionately Sings “Let It Be” To Raise Money For His Baby With Brain Tumor.

This man’s voice is AMAZING… and his reason for singing is even more touching.

On July 5th, 2012, Mike Masse’s 11-month-old son, Noah, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. So, in order to receive the proper treatment and medical care for Noah, he asked the internet for donations by singing The Beatles’ classic song “Let It Be.”

The video was a definite success, as it has over 780,000 views and now has a blurb that pops up saying that they no longer need donations. So, instead of continuing their plea for their son, they “suggest [donations] be made to Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake, for their continuing efforts to give Noah and other children the best care possible.”

You can hear the emotion in every note played on the piano and every word sung. This moving story is a reminder that every moment with your loved ones should be cherished. Live for more!

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