Dad Who Mailed Mangoes To College Has Internet Obsessed.

Some parents are so extra we can’t keep ourselves from loving them, even if we’ve never met.

Cecilia Li did her best to make the two-hour drive between UCLA and her home in San Diego, California, as often as she could to see her parents. One summer day while she was visiting, her dad went out of his way to make her a special snack — one that had hilarious consequences.


The then 19-year-old said her family loves the abundance of healthy fruits available in the summer. “We’re a big fruit family,” she explained, adding that they often buy big boxes of mangoes, her favorite.

Her dad was busy with work that weekend, so they didn’t get to spend much time together, but he let her know he was thinking of her by cutting up some mangoes and putting them in a container in the fridge. Cecilia had every intention of eating them on the drive back to Los Angeles, but she was in such a rush that she forgot to grab them.

“I was so disappointed that I almost wanted to turn back,” she said. But her mother convinced her it wasn’t worth the extra time just to pick up her forgotten mangoes, so she eventually shrugged it off, prepared to forget all about it. But when she got back to school, she received a text from her dad.


The next Tuesday, Cecilia returned to her apartment to find a package waiting for her. Her sweet dad had shipped the fruit to her in an insulated Styrofoam box!


“Needless to say, they were gone within minutes,” Cecilia said. She added that even though she was surprised by her dad’s gift, she shouldn’t have been.

This wasn’t the first time he’d gone out of his way to show one of his daughters how much he cares. “When my sister went to Cancún on vacation with my mom, she needed her contacts, so my dad mailed them to her… but in the package he included a packet of M&M’S just in case she wanted a snack.”


Cecilia shared her dad’s adorable gesture on her Twitter page, and within days the story went viral. Still, the family thought nothing major would come from the incident. They were only mangoes, right?


Enter the official National Mango Board, located in Orlando, Florida. These mango ambassadors saw Cecilia’s post and sent her dad a big basket filled with mangoes and other goodies.


And lest you think they forgot their No. 1 fan, they followed up their first generous gift with a present for Cecilia.


This story is filled with sweet goodness from start to finish. From a dad who always goes the extra mile to make his daughters happy, to the Mango Board stepping in and making sure everybody got a taste of the goodness, this entire thing just leaves us smiling — and craving mangoes.

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