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Dad Given Impossible Choice: His Wife Or Newborn Son. What He Did Might Surprise You.

This is a truly incredible (and hard) story of what to do when you are faced with an impossible decision.


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dad choice 1Photo credit: Samuel Forrest, ABC News

Samuel Forrest is a New Zealand native who married a woman from Armenia.  About a month ago, his first child was born in that country.


After the birth, Forrest waited anxiously outside to see his new baby son.  But after a long time of waiting, he soon could tell something was not right.  The hospital staff would not let Forrest see his wife or his new baby.  After continued frustration, the doctor finally walked up to Forrest with a grim look on his face.  He said, “there’s a real problem with your son.”  He told Forrest that his baby, Leo, had Down Syndrome.


Photo credit: Samuel Forrest, ABC News

Forrest, at first, was taken aback.  He was not expecting such news, and he began to process the situation.  But soon he was united with his new son and holding him in his arms, it was love at first sight.  Forrest adored Leo and was completely in love.


Ecstatic, Forrest carried his son to unite with his wife.  It was to be the first moment they were all together as a family.  But he could have never expected what came next.  Forrest’s wife, a native of Armenia, told him that he would have to make a choice, right there: the baby or her.


It was her country’s tradition that kids born with disabilities were seen as shameful.  Health experts have estimated that 98% of kids born with Down Syndrome in Armenia are abandoned at birth.  Horrifyingly, that statistic was playing out in front of Forrest’s eyes.


Photo credit: Samuel Forrest, ABC News

Forrest tried to convince his wife of the fallacy of her mindset.  But she refused to even look at Leo’s face.  It was heartbreaking.  About it, he said, “My wife had already decided…so all of this was done behind my back.”  But for him, the choice was clear — he would stay with his son.


His wife filed for divorce just days later.  She had completely abandoned her husband and son.


Forrest took his son and moved home to New Zealand.  Needing financial help, he created a GoFundMe page to try to raise a little money from friends and family.  The support was UNREAL!  So far, people from all over have contributed half a million dollars to help Forrest and Leo.


Photo credit: GoFundMe.

About it, Forrest said, “The outpouring of kind emotions and great wishes has been overwhelming. Leo is one lucky guy. He is doing well and is very healthy. He gets visitors daily who shower him with love and affection. Leo is the number one priority for me right now and needs all my attention.  The money raised is far beyond anything we expect or need. With a team of experts, I am planning how to best use the funds that you have entrusted to me. Of course this is for Leo, but it is also for the people of Armenia. My hope is to assist and help bring a better understanding of how to cope with newborns and children with special needs. I think this will be Leo’s legacy to his Armenian heritage. We will keep you updated.”


Photo credit: GoFundMe.


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