Dancer Steps Into Giant Wheel. But Pay Attention To Her Intricate Movements… Stunning!

At the end of the 20th century, a man named Daniel Cyr invented a circus apparatus that amazed spectators across the globe. The Cyr wheel, or Simple Wheel, is an acrobatic apparatus that consists of a single large ring made of aluminum or steel custom made to be just a few inches taller than the performer.


The performer stands inside the Cyr wheel and grasps its rim, causing it to roll and spin gyroscopically while performing acrobatic moves in and around the rotating wheel.

A few years ago, a video of a Taiwanese street performer using the simple wheel went viral. The incredible, gyrating spectacle is absolutely a joy to watch in action… though the spectator may get a little dizzy watching it go.

Since then, several dozen dancers and circus performers have helped to bring the Cyr Wheel to the mainstream, baffling judges and audiences alike with mesmerizing movement. The video below is no exception.

The solo dancer captured in the video below absolutely blew our minds with her style and grace. Watch as she spins several hundred times while keeping her composure… it really is amazing to behold.

Check out her performance below and Share with your friends today!

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