Cyclist Finds Wounded Dog On Side Of Road & Gives Him Piggyback Ride To New Life.

columbo dog rescue

Jarrett Little is an avid cyclist. He probably never realized that his hobby would end up saving a life someday.


But that’s exactly what happened recently. While cycling with a group of friends just outside the small town of Columbus, Georgia, Jarrett happened upon a stray puppy. The five-month-old great Dane mix was in rough shape; his hind leg was visibly fractured, a toe on his front paw was broken, and he had road rash from nose to tail. In short, he looked like he had been hit by a car.


Jarrett immediately noticed that the dog couldn’t walk, and he knew he couldn’t leave the animal there, helpless and alone. So the cyclist did what needed to be done: he gently picked up the puppy and placed him on his shoulders, piggyback style, and began to ride back to town.

Downtown Columbus was seven miles away but the little dog managed to cling to Jarrett’s back the entire time.


Before they’d even arrived in town, Jarrett and another rider had already made plans to adopt the puppy, if no one else wanted him. But that would not end up being the case – before they even got to the emergency vet’s office, they stopped at a bike shop to give the dog some food and water. There, the dog met Andrea Shaw, a customer who was in town on business.

Jarrett wrote, the dog “had an angel waiting for him at the shop right when we pulled up.” It was love at first sight for both Andrea and the puppy, whom they collectively named Columbo.


Andrea was so moved by Columbo’s story, and so appreciative of the love and kisses he bestowed upon her, that she decided, on the spot, to adopt the dog. She brought him into a local vet to get him checked out and made arrangements to transport him to his new home in Maine.

“You can see why I didn’t leave him on the sidewalk in Columbus,” she said. “The dog doesn’t have a mean or grumpy bone in his body, and God knows he has every reason to.”


After he was treated for his injuries and cleared to travel, Columbo was transported to Maine via a Canine Freedom Transportation van, courtesy of a rescue program that transports stray animals from the southern states to northern ones.

columbo at vet

Columbo has now fully settled into his new life in Maine. He lives on a horse farm and absolutely adores Andrea’s son, Chris.

columbo and horse

“My 5-year-old son is madly in love with him,” Andrea said.

Columbo dog

Andrea now chronicles “Bo’s” adventures on a Facebook page, and it’s clear that the puppy is as happy as any dog could ever be. Thanks to Jarrett’s efforts, Bo’s piggyback ride was just the first step on the journey to his very own ‘happily ever after.’

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