Girls Crash Car Into Freezing Lake, But A 19-Yr-Old Stranger Risks Life To Pull Them To Safety.

Cullen Malzo rescues girls from lake

A teenager from Mahopac, NY is being hailed a hero after risking his life to save two young girls from drowning in a lake. Cullen Malzo was at home when he heard the horrendous crunch of a car crash and ran outside to assess the situation. He sprinted across the street and dove headlong through the muck and mud to reach the partially submerged vehicle before it was too late.

I tried calling 911,” he told Mahopac News, “but I was kind of in shock so pulled up my calculator [on my phone by mistake]. But I called 911 and yelled my address at them and hung up. I shed my jacket and shoes and jumped in immediately. It was really hard to get through all the mud.”


The adrenaline fueled moments that followed propelled Malzo through the ice cold water. The teen reached his hand under the water and into the vehicle when he felt a hand grasp his. He pulled the first girl out of the vehicle before diving back beneath the surface to rescue the second.


“I could hear the screaming from before I got them out, which was the scariest moment,” he recalled. “It took me a while to find her (the second girl) in the car. I felt her leg and I immediately started pulling her by the leg. They were both conscious. Once they were above the water and muck, they seemed OK. The only injury was a cut behind the ear.”


Local PD said that if it weren’t for Malzo, both girls would have easily perished in the accident. “They were trapped,” The Mahopac Fire Chief said. “They were in a bad spot. He definitely saved their lives.”

Malzo isn’t sure what to think of his newfound fame stating that being called a hero is “kind of weird.” But regardless of how he feels, the young man saved the life of two strangers… and a hero he most certainly is.

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