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Parents Scheme In Secret To Surprise Beloved Crossing Guard With Amazing Gift.

Some of the best people children will ever meet are the ones who dedicate their lives to serve at their schools. In addition to teachers, staff members at schools truly love what they do and adore the students.

62-year-old Wallace Peoples is one of those staff members who parents and students look forward to seeing every day. Unfortunately, the beloved crossing guard hit hard times over the winter that caused him to miss work – and that’s when families and co-workers stepped in to help.


Wallace has been a crossing guard at Sherwood Forest Elementary School for two years and everyone loves him. The students call him Mr. Peoples and parents joyfully wave at him every morning – despite the headache that is the dreaded carpool lane.  So, when Wallace was out of work for a couple of weeks, it didn’t take long for people to notice.

As it turned out, the crossing guard had to miss work because his car had broken down and he had no other way to get there. On top of that, he spent his Christmas Eve in the hospital due to an illness. After learning about his bad luck, the school, students, and parents came together to help him out.


One parent, Sloan Johnson, started a fundraiser for Wallace through a simple Facebook post and said “within two hours $800 had been donated.” Not only that, another family donated a car to him – completely paid for!

In the end, Sloan raised $2,500 for Wallace (in addition to the car).

WXII 12 

They told Wallace to meet them at the school so they could sell him what he thought was a beat-up used car. But he was shocked when he showed up to find his students holding signs (calling him a superhero!) surrounding a nice vehicle.

That’s when they surprised him with the news that the car was his, free of charge and to top that off they handed him a check for $2,500!


Wallace couldn’t hold back the tears. He confessed to a local news outlet that, “It’s good to know that people care.” He also said he plans to never leave his important role protecting the students at Sherwood Forest Elementary School.

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