Young Boy Was Stricken With Blindness, His Path To Seeing Again Will Give You Chills.

For the first six years of his life, a young Ugandan boy lived in utter darkness. Criscent Bwambale was one of 18 million people in the developing world living with cataracts that lead to preventable blindness. The young boy was able to discern vague differences between light and dark, but the condition left him unable to experience the most basic joys of life.


Criscent lives with his grandmother in a house made of dried mud surrounded by cocoa plantations. This isolation from the rest  of the world totally excluded him from a normal life. Thankfully, a wonderful non-profit organization gave him the chance to see his world clearly for the first time in his life.

In January, Criscent and his family received an invitation from a charity called SightSavers. The NPO specializes in cataract surgery for kids and adults, and give the gift of sight to thousands of people every year.

Thanks to SightSavers, Crisent traveled with his family to a hospital in Western Uganda in hopes of curing his blindness.

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