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Life-Changing Program Is Teaching Criminals And Dogs To Feel Love Again. Wait ‘Til You Hear Their Story!

A minimum security prison has a very special program that not only help inmates, but provides life for helpless animals.

It’s called ‘Dogs On The Inside,’ and it’s based on the recovery and rejuvenation of prisoners through a relationship with abandoned dogs. With over 70 million stray dogs and cats in the U.S., there’s of course not enough room in shelters, so there’s a good amount which have to be euthanized.

But this program is saving a few of those innocent animals who come from troubled lives. And that’s why Dogs On The Inside works… because of similar backgrounds – ones of little shows of love and other comforts.

“When you’re in here, a lot of people forget about you, and I’m sure a lot of these dogs feel the same way,” said one inmate.

So the partnership makes sense – The bond formed as prisoners and pups work together is so beneficial. These dogs teach even more than love. They communicate patience, responsibility, honesty and trust.

“We feed off of each other: You gotta love yourself before you can love anybody else.”

Watch this video to see the true extent of how lives are being turned around.

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