Courageous Pit Bull Fights Through Leg Disability And Gets Second Chance

Roscoe is a Pit Bull puppy born with a serious leg deformity. Due to disease, his ligaments were drastically affected and left his front legs abnormally structured.

Rather than jumping and running around like other pups, he was forces to crawl on the ground.

When he arrived at the Asheville Humane Society, the veterinarians came to the conclusion that in order to improve his lifestyle, Roscoe would need corrective leg surgery… the problem is that surgery costs a significant amount. But after determined fundraising, generous donations made the operation a possibility!


image via YouTube

Roscoe is now a different dog: wagging his tail 24/7 and couldn’t be happier.

Check out the video below of his heartwarming transformation.  You go little guy!

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