Synchronized skating team stuns competition with unique coun...

Synchronized skating team stuns competition with unique country-music inspired routine

Who knew that synchronized skating and country music would make something so… elegant?

Though the two elements may seem like an odd combination, the routine proved that the two were destined to make something beyond memorable.

Synchronized skating or “synchro,” which is becoming a popular form of figure skating, takes so much more than pure talent. Coordination, grace, teamwork and showmanship are all crucial factors if you want to execute an outstanding routine. But “Nexxice” doesn’t simply strive for excellence, they strive for perfection… which seems to be as close to it as possible with their honky tonk-esque show, choreographed to “MUD” by The Road Hammers.

At the 2015 World Synchro Championships, the talented Canadian crew fave the crowd an unbeatable performance – which was proved as they placed excellently.

Watch as this incredible group of young skaters show off the beauty that is synchronized skating!

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