Little Girl Freaks Out Trying Cotton Candy At Baseball Game, Cameras Capture Her Priceless Reaction.

little girl in yellow tries blue cotton candy with astounded face

I remember the first time I had cotton candy, I was totally weirded out by the quickly-dissolving, sugar-fluff. I loved the taste, but the texture was more than my young mind could handle. A friend of mine recently told me that the first time he saw cotton candy, he was reminded of “fuzz” he’d seen under couch cushions and refused to try a bite, disturbed by the very thought of eating it.


I guess there’s something about cotton candy that makes it especially memorable! But for one little girl, her first taste of cotton candy not only made an impression on her, it’s making the whole world laugh!

Beatrix– or, the Cotton Candy Girl, as the internet has dubbed her– was at a Mariner’s game with her father, Jake Hart, when the adorable and hilarious moment below was captured. Originally tweeted by the Mariners, the gif quickly went viral. And it’s easy to see why!

Beatrix completely loses her mind as she tears into her blue cotton candy, clutching the treat in fists and widening her eyes as the sugar rush hits.

Family friend John McCallum spotted the Mariner’s tweet and replied, tagging Beatrix’s dad so that he could see the post:

Then McCallum followed up with a hilarious photo of little Beatrix:

When Cotton Candy Girl’s dad saw that she was going viral, he posted a photo letting the Mariners and the rest of the world know that the sugar high had worn off.

The Mariner’s adored the little girl so much that they photoshopped the “Mariner’s Swelmet”– a helmet given to whoever is selected as the player of the game– onto a picture of Beatrix. Way to go, B. You’re the real MVP.

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