Cop Sees Older Woman Struggling To Mow Lawn And Stops To Make Sweet Offer.

cop mowing lawn

Cops make a pledge “to protect and serve,” but the service part of their jobs comes in many different forms.


On a hot July 4th afternoon, Sharon Markle of West York, Pennsylvania, was struggling to mow her lawn when Officer Bridgette Wilson of West York Borough Police Department drove by on patrol. Seeing the disabled woman’s beet-red face made Officer Wilson hit her brakes and bring her cruiser to an abrupt stop.


Sharon was alarmed when she saw the uniformed cop rushing towards her, but she soon learned that the officer’s only intention is to serve her community in a rather unorthodox way. “She got out of the car and she started to come towards me and I didn’t know what she was going to do!” said Sharon. “I thought what did I do?!”

Officer Wilson told Sharon, who has severe arthritis in her knees, that she’d noticed her face was red and she looked overheated. She advised the woman to take a seat and rest for a bit while she took over the yard duties.


Neighbor Ryan Brunner was on his way to work at a nearby barbershop when he witnessed Officer Wilson in action. He began recording the cop mowing the older woman’s lawn, pointing out that officers aren’t typically painted in this wonderful light, as he thanked her for her service. He later put the video on Facebook where it swiftly went viral with hundreds of thousands of views.

For Sharon, the act of kindness was an important reminder for those citizens who often feel forgotten. “There are good people out there [who] are willing to help,” Sharon said. “I’ll always be thankful to her.â€

When the lawn work was done Sharon rushed to thank Officer Wilson, who told her all the payment she needed was a smile. Now, this cop’s good deed is putting smiles on faces nationwide. On an even more wonderful note, Ryan commented on Facebook to let everyone know that he and his coworkers plan to help Sharon tend to her lawn for the rest of the summer.


This cop saw a chance to help someone and didn’t hesitate to grab it with both hands! Pushing a mower around is no big deal for someone healthy and fit, but to someone like Sharon, it was an insurmountable project. This just goes to show that if we all pitch in to help one another with the skills we have to offer, the job will always get done!

Watch the video below and be sure to share to shed more light on this officer’s wonderful act of kindness.

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