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knife thai cop

Security Footage Captures Shocking Moment Cop Hugs Knife-Wielding Man.

As the old Otis Redding song goes, sometimes you’ve got to “try a little tenderness.”

A police officer in Bangkok, Thailand, is being praised as a hero after he took an unorthodox approach to dealing with a knife-wielding man who barged into the Huay Kwang police station with a wild look in his eyes. Security footage shows officer Anirut Malee standing in the station one afternoon when the 45-year-old man came in holding a knife.


Instead of reacting aggressively, Anirut casually sat back and looked the man squarely in the face. There must have been something in the man’s expression that told Anirut everything that he needed to know: in spite of the dangerous weapon held in his trembling hand, the man looked more desperate than dangerous.

Anirut began to talk to the man, gently asking him why he was making threats. Incredibly, the officer was able to reach out his hand and ask the man to give him the knife — and he did.


“I heard him out and sympathized and said I had a guitar to give him, and suggested we go out for a meal together,” the cop said.

The man also told Anirut that he’d been working as a security guard for three days, but hadn’t been paid yet. The man is a musician whose guitar had also been stolen recently, leading him to feel like he had nowhere left to turn. After listening to his story, Anirut did something unusual but so very human that it makes our hearts hurt just seeing it — he hugged the man.


The other officers soon came over and followed Anirut’s lead, offering the man a bottle of water and comforting him instead of prosecuting him. He was taken to the local hospital for a mental health evaluation, but the police didn’t press any charges for the knife incident.


In a world filled with so much violence, it’s refreshing to see someone handle a threat with such compassion and understanding. We have nothing but respect for the law enforcement officers of the world who keep us safe from harm, and we hope more will adopt this style of assessing the situation before reacting. At the end of the day, we’re all humans struggling to get along, and it’s definitely easier to do so when others offer support instead of judgment.

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Attacker pulls knife on officer, what happens next has the world amazed.Share to honor this officer's bravery 🌹

Posted by on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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