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two contractors singing in empty room

Contractors Sing A Capella Hymn In Partially Built House, Create Chill-Worthy Acoustics In Empty Room.

We have been wowed before by some incredible voices we never would have expected! Remember the time a soldier belted out an insane Rihanna cover? His unique voice definitely caught us off guard. How about the time two kids on a Chinese talent show performed a jaw-dropping duet of “You Raise Me Up?” Added to this list of incredible, unexpected performers are the voices of Aaron and Josh, two construction workers known as “the singing contractors.”

In the video below, Aaron and Josh are hard at work on a home when a cameraman interrupts them, asking for a song. The likable duo are quick to agree. “Why don’t we go inside the house where we got better acoustics?” one says.

Once inside, Aaron and Josh find the spot in the partially-constructed home that sounds best to them before breaking out into a chilling duet. The two sing the classic hymn “Farther Along,” and their powerful voices will blow you away!

When they finish their song, their break is over and two quickly get back to construction.

“Stay encouraged!” says Aaron.

“Hey, have a great day!” says Josh, “Back to work we go!”

Check out the incredible a capella performance below.

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