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Construction Worker Thought He Was Dancing Alone, But Friends Catch His Hilarious Performance On Tape!

Remember when you were a kid and you were told that– if you were well-behaved in class– you would be rewarded with a certain amount of time on the playground? As you reached adulthood, that attitude manifested itself into the work hard/play hard attitude many of us hold today.

We’ve seen several examples of that attitude recently. Remember the farmer who took a break during chores to enjoy a joyful moment dancing alone in his barn? His hilarious moves went viral! What about the contractors who use their breaks to sing the most stunning melodies together, like this gorgeous hymn or this stunning rendition of “Mary Did You Know?”

Like in the case of the aforementioned contractors, the man in the video below does construction on houses. He also uses his breaks to enjoy himself but– like the farmer– his preferred method of “play hard” is dancing all by himself!

Not only are his dance moves hilarious, but the fact he’s dancing to Ariana Grande’s “Into You” makes the video even better!

Plus, he’s got some moves! His dance gives whole new meaning to the phrase “dance like nobody’s watching.”

Check out his dance in the video below and share!

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