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Conjoined Twins Want To Stay Together, Their Inspiring Story Is So Powerful!

These 7-year-old twin have a bond like no other. Literally.  But what’s astounding is the way they love each other and want to be together.  Most conjoined twins stories end in a celebration of separation.  Not this one.

Pin and Pan were born in and currently reside in Thailand with their grandparents, acting as their legal guardians.  The kids each have their own arms, heads and torsos. But they have one set of legs between the two.

One leg is controlled by Pin and the other by Pan. It’s an incredible act of coordination.  But even with their condition, they’ve learned to dress, walk, and even ride a tricycle.

What’s so amazing is that they love each other so much that, even if medically possible, they’d never want to be separated. Their grandparents describe them as “normal, happy” children.  Watch below… it’s sure to give you a different, powerful perspective.

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