Community First! Village Is The New 27-Acre Housing Project In Austin Exclusively For The Homeless And Disabled

micro homes

Mobile Loaves and Fishes, Inc. (MLF) is creating a neighborhood in east Austin exclusively for the homeless and disabled, Community First! Village. The 27-acre project will feature canvas-sided cottages for $180 a month, micro-homes for $210 a month, platform tents, tipis and RVs.

President and CEO of MLF, Alan Graham, says this project has taken 10 years to come together with a lot of hard work and help from people of the city. A lot of the housing was designed in conjunction with students from the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture. The project is fully funded by generous donations.

President and CEO, Alan Graham

Alan Graham of mobile loaves and fishes

Image via KUT


form of housing, rv

Image via MLF


micor-home in austin texas for mlf community

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Image via Shareable

MLF has housed 99 people over the past 9 years and 87% of those people have been lifted directly from the streets. The mission of the group is to help those in need because all people are deserving of proper housing and health. Over the years, MLF has been helping people find housing and jobs, as well as feeding the needy with food trucks, with a grand total of over 3.7 MILLION meals served.

Tons of people gather to get food from the MLF food trucks

mobile loaves and fishes food truck feeding meals to homeless and hungry

Image via The Good Life in Austin, Texas

Through personal experience, Graham believes homelessness is overwhelmingly caused by a loss of family and the support that comes with it. A major goal of the project is to eventually house 250 people and give residents back a sense of family and community.

At the groundbreaking ceremony

Alan graham, president and ceo of mobile leaves and fishes meeting with a future resident

Image via KUT

The project has successfully built many forms of housing already and MLF is taking applications and hoping to start housing people in 6 months. There are tons of plans for this amazing community in store.

Residents will be able to use private bathrooms, showers, laundromats, and outdoor kitchens. They already have a workshop for woodworking and other tool-based skills, a chicken coop, a community garden with 8 rows full of herbs and veggies, and bee hives. A lot of the food developed on the land are used on their food trucks so everything is connected between their community and the wider Austin area. Trails, a memorial garden, and many outdoor gathering spaces are in the works.

A model of the outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen

Image via Why Hunger Blog

Outdoor spaces to gather

outdoor areas for community areas to gather-fire pit-InspireMore

Image via Austin Business Journal

The chicken coop!

chicken operation to raise eggs for food for residents

Image via Why Hunger Blog

Rows and rows of plants at the community garden

community garden for residents

Image via KUT

To help the residents gain independence, MLF will link them to meaningful jobs in hospitality, maintenance, housekeeping, and other career routes. They can be financially independent and stable to afford rent and take care of themselves.

A medical facility is a crucial objective for the community, one where doctors, health professionals, and volunteers can come to give mental health checkups, physicals, and other support services to residents. Incredible stuff.

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