Colorblind Teen Has “Most Emotional Day” Thanks To Some Special Glasses.

closeup of 19-year-old zane stubbendeck trying on a pair of enchroma colorblind outdoor sunglasses. as zane smiles and looks into the distance, his friends surround him and watch his reaction.

Having been colorblind his entire life, Zane Stubbendeck would say that he didn’t quite understand the hype around colors… until now!


To celebrate his 19th birthday, Zane’s close group of friends pitched in to buy him colorblind sunglasses from EnChroma. With them, he’d be able to see all sorts of colors that he had only ever experienced through descriptions. Needless to say, this was a moment that had to be captured on camera!

Everyone waited with anticipation as Zane put on the sunglasses and looked into the distance, taking in the beauty of nature in all its full-color glory. In an instant, he became speechless, and his hands began to shake. Just as his friends began to react, the 19-year-old burst into tears, prompting a much-needed hug.

Watch what Zane calls the “most emotional day” of his life below and don’t forget to share.

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