8 Years Ago Colin Farrell Sat Next To A Homeless Man, The Gifts He Gave Changed His Life Forever.

Colin Farrell is known on-screen as bad boy/play boy.  But his act of kindness years ago towards a homeless man reveals a compelling heart of love.

While in town for the Toronto International Music Festival in 2007 – to the surprise of local media and people everywhere – Farrell befriended a homeless man named Stress. Farrell was leaving a local restaurant when he noticed a Stress sitting on the curb outside. Instead of avoiding the man, Farrell asked to bum a cigarette and sat down next to his new comrade.

“They were acting like friends,” said Europe Bound manager Dave Mott. “It was really great to see.”

After a few minutes of conversation, the kind-hearted celebrity insisted on buying Stress a new wardrobe, giving him a handful of cash and promise to pay for a “nice place” to live for an entire year.  He also gave him a book called The Voice of God by the Persian poet Hafiz.

But the most important gift he gave was his friendship.

Farrell pursued him, promised to stay in touch, and texted him constantly, checking in on him whenever he was in town over the next few years.  Despite years of dependency on alcohol and drugs, one chance and loving kindness was all Stress needed to turn his life around.

Check out this amazing story of hope and healing below!

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