4-Yr-Old Was ‘Clinically Decapitated’ And Moments From Death, Then Quick Thinking By A Stranger Saved His Life

A four-year-old boy who was “clinically decapitated” in a recent car accident in Idaho survived his ordeal thanks to a total stranger. The woman resisted the urge to cradle the screaming child and instead held his head in place for half an hour until rescue crews arrived to the scene.

The boy in question, Killian Gonzalez, survived after the ligaments attaching his skull to the spine became stretched nearly an inch farther than normal from the force of their head-on collision.

Killian’s mother, Brandy Gonzalez, said she was driving home to Nevada with her son after attending a friends birthday party when her car skidded and veered into oncoming traffic.

Pinned to the dashboard and unable to move, she tried to reach her unconscious son who was strapped in a carseat in back, “I was like: I have to get to my baby. I looked back and he is just hunched over. He is not crying; he is not awake” she said.

Until finally, she heard her little boy whimper and the word “Momma.”

It was then that Leah Woodward and her husband Joel happened upon the horrific scene. Joel broke the window and crawled inside, cutting himself on the glass in the process. Leah held the little guy upright until help finally came.

Check out their incredible story in the video below. Share to inspire more heroism!

Good Samaritan Hold This Child's Head Saving Him From Paralysis

This 4-year-old boy was internally decapitated after a car accident — but a kind stranger saved his life

Posted by NowThis on Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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