Little Girl Reunites With Lost Cat After 3 Yrs Apart & The Video Has Thousands Bawling.

When you truly love another creature, it doesn't matter how many days, months, or years go by before you get to see them again. Love still blooms strong and bright inside the heart. When Claudia Arnold of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada was born, her family already owned a big fat tom cat named Cursor. The child quickly bonded with the cat, becoming inseparable as she grew into toddlerhood. But sadly, when Claudia was two, her favorite cat disappeared without a trace. "Cursor was in our family before Claudia was born, but as soon as she came along he was her best buddy," said Claudia's mom, Kara Arnold. "Until he went missing they were almost inseparable." After Cursor went missing, Kara scoured the neighborhood looking for him, putting up posters and making pleas for help online in hopes that someone would spot the large white spotted cat. "Whenever she got sad about anything else she would cry for him as well," Kara said. "Whenever she cried for him I would repost his missing poster on our local lost and founds pet Facebook page." Three years passed with no sign on Cursor the cat, and although Kara had given up hope, little Claudia had not. She still talked about him every day and wished aloud that he'd finally return to his family home. Then one day, Kara got a call from the local animal shelter. Thanks to Kara's social media posts, someone had spotted Cursor and brought him into the Nanaimo SPCA to be claimed! Without telling Claudia that they'd found her cat, they brought the little girl to the shelter and started recording video of the special moment. As they sat in the lobby of the animal shelter, Kara asked her daughter what her favorite color cat was. Claudia doesn't miss a beat and describes Cursor, but as the memory hits her her little face turns sad. "I had a calico! It was black anddd..." Claudia says sadly before trailing off. Before she can continue that thought, someone brings Cursor out and asks, "Did he look like this?" You can see her face go from morose to overjoyed in the blink of an eye! "Cursor!" Claudia says excitedly, reaching up to touch the soft fur of her best buddy. She's incredibly gentle as she takes the big cat in her arms and begins to stroke him. Most impressively, one of the first things she does is thank the shelter workers for finding her kitty and returning him to her. It's a good thing that Kara made that last post on Facebook, because it was the most recent "lost cat" post that ended up bringing Cursor home. "I am so glad I did! It was the last post I made in June that he was recognized from," Kara said. We just love a happy ending, and we especially love that Claudia never forgot about Cursor and never gave up hope that he'd return to her someday. Now that's true love. Watch Claudia's sweet reaction to seeing Cursor again in the video below, and be sure to share.
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