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Mailman Spends His One Day Off A Week Cleaning Headstones Of Fallen Soldiers.

For most of us, when we have a day off work we have plans to relax, run errands, and do things we may not have the time to do during the workweek. We may volunteer for a cause we believe in now and then (or for a few hours), but chances are most of our days off are spent recharging our batteries for the week ahead.

Florida mailman, Clarence Hollowell works six days a week delivering mail to homes – no matter the outside conditions. When Sunday or a holiday rolls around, it would be understandable if he did nothing but relax in front of the TV but he spends his time off doing so much more.


Every Sunday, the 60-year-old mailman and army vet heads out to a rundown cemetery in his neighborhood and spends his time cleaning the headstones of fallen veterans who have no visitors.

Typically, the headstones he works on belong to men who were only 18-20 years old and didn’t make it home to their families. Whenever he chooses a headstone to clean, he researches the person buried there on to learn a little bit more about their story and feel a stronger connection to them.


Each headstone takes anywhere from two to three weeks to properly clean. Clarence uses a special cleaning solution he purchases online (with his own hard-earned money), “a plastic scraper to remove growth, a soft bristled brush, a toothbrush for small areas, and water.”

To date, he’s cleaned around 600 headstones.


Clarence considers this service an honor to do. To him, these soldiers “gave their tomorrows so [he can have his] today.” Additionally, he told a local newspaper that, “Everybody’s gotta have a project and I think if you can help the community, even better.”

Sure beats spending your days off binge-watching Netflix!

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