Truly Incredible Child Decides To Spread Smiles In The Wake Of Tragedy.

Six year old, Jaden Hayes, has lost both parents, but he has chosen to focus on the sadness of others while dealing with his own.

With the help of his aunt, Barbara, Jaden is passing out toys in downtown Savannah, Georgia, to those who look sad.  When asked his goal Jaden said, “Well, I’m trying to make people smile- rubber duckies, dinosaurs…” because he says these things make people smile.

So far Jaden has distributed 500 toys, but he reports ” I’m counting on it to beat 33,000″. Not sure how he chose that number, but with a spirit like his, the goal seems attainable.

Watch the video of Jaden below, and share it to spread Jaden’s message: smiles are powerful!

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