Man Gets Flat Tire In Chick-Fil-A Drive-Thru And Employee Rushes To Help.

chick-fil-a flat

Some employees seem to think nothing of going that extra mile to help the people they serve.


Fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A seems to foster a culture of helpfulness in their employees, and it was on full display at the branch in East Ridge, Tennessee, a recent spring day. Brian Hall of Chattanooga, Tennessee, shared the details of his experience on Facebook, praising the team members who he calls a “bunch of saints.”


Brian was sitting in the drive-thru waiting for his order when he noticed that his tire had somehow gone flat. When he mentioned it to the employee at the window they instructed him to move to the side, which he did. Brian was most likely assuming he’d have to call a tow truck or find a way to switch out the flat himself when suddenly another Chick-fil-A team member appeared carrying a hydraulic jack.

As Brian watched in amazement three employees worked together to change Brian’s tire to the spare. Another employee brought out Brian’s lunch, and then after the tire was back in place they brought out a second order for him because they didn’t want him eating a cold lunch! Not only that, but they’d thrown in a few free cookies just to brighten his day.

“Those people are truly doing the lord’s work over there!” Brian gushed on Facebook. Local resident Tracey Allen Loveland happened to be at the restaurant that day too, and she was also blown away by the service provided to Brian.


“More people in the world should be as kind as Chick Fil A Employees!” Tracey wrote. “Not only do they always say, ‘My Pleasure’ but these 3 employees are changing a customer ‘s flat tire. Whatever they put in the Employee Kool-Aid, they need to sprinkle that stuff all over the world.”

Wikimedia Commons

We couldn’t agree with Tracey and Brian more! It’s always amazing to see people rising above their everyday routines to help others. These three employees didn’t have to leave their air-conditioned restaurant to help Brian, but they knew if they did he would never forget their kindness. Now, thanks to social media, we won’t forget either.

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